Amina, the founder of this association, was born and grew up in Cameroon. She was forced to marry early at the age of twelve and a half - so her childhood was limited. Although she tried several times to escape, she ended up again and again at her husband’s house. After her two children were born, she did not give up hope of going back to school one day. In September 2002, she was offered the possibility of coming to Europe - a new life chapter then began for Amina. She went to school and completed an apprenticeship in business administration with foreign languages. She has now lived for many years in Germany with her two children. For Amina, Wokka e. v. is a personal challenge which comes from the heart  – through which she tries to help the children and families from her home area of North Cameroon to achieve a better future and to escape the vicious circle that poverty brings.   Through her own experience, she has demonstrated that with a proper education, we can all achieve anything even when it seems impossible.

Wokka was founded in 2014 in Germany and in Cameroon - and this project, “a better future for the North of Cameroon”, began in 2009. Without asking herself why, Amina wanted to help because she knew it was needed, and that she must do something. With help from local Lawyers, Amina undertook the initial projects of: providing birth certificates for children of poor families;  and paying for school fees and also school uniforms and equipment. She spoke to friends and colleagues about her commitment which attracted great interest from sponsors who were willing to support her personal initiative. All donations (regardless of size) are formally listed within the official registered associations.  Amina then involved friends and colleagues, with whom she founded the association "Wokka - Zukunft für den Norden Kameruns e.V." in 2014.  Since foundation, the association has been actively involved in further charity activities. Based in Germany, the organization closely collaborates with its Cameroonian counterpart, and liaises directly with local authorities in Cameroon.


The team

We are Wokka e.V.  and are clearly committed to help communities in rural areas of North Cameroon to find a way out of poverty, child labour, early and forced marriage, juvenile delinquency. We are certain that this goal can only be reached if we grant children and their families access to education.

All members of the organization are employees in their respective companies.  We therefore have no administration fees and almost 100% of every donation goes directly to our projects in North Cameroon.



Vision & Mission

Mek pikin smile - Children are our future

  • To make the entire North Cameroon as developed as the south, and to alleviate its extensive poverty and unemployment.  
  • To promote  education in rural areas of the Far North of Cameroon
  • To stope the exodus of young people to big cities or industrial countries


Therefore our mission is:

  • to enable education to Children of poor families, who often remain excluded from any secondary education - regardless of their talents.
  • to promote education also to adults in order to give them a better understanding, why education is so essential to their children
  • to support job opportunities for young people in order to care in their children's future.
  • Wokka e.V. therefore strives for development and empowerment in the regions of the Far North of Cameroon through better by education


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