We need your support

To able us to realize as many projects as possible we count on your support. As Wokka e.V. is a recognized charitable organization, therefore your financial donation is tax deductible. A donation receipt for tax purposed is available upon request at the beginning of the following year.

You can support our work in various ways:


We are grateful for every donated money on Wokka's bank account.

        In Cameroon

IBAN: CM21 1000 2000 6190 0002 7743 536


SCB Cameroon


In Germany

IBAN: DE93 7016 6486 0000 8543 28
VR-Bank München Land

e.g. the production of one birth certificates is worth 20 €.


You can also support us via  paypal  : 


Contacts or advice

Help extending our network to identify synergies and supporters. Give us relevant advice, e.g. on technical solutions, similar activities or your related experience.

We are happy to discuss all options with you directly.  Please contact t us.


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