Issuing birth certificates

Wokka’s key activity is issuing birth certificates for as many underprivileged children as possible. Without this document, they remain excluded from any secondary education and become victims of child labour, sexual harassment, forced and early marriage and juvenile delinquency.

To issue a birth certificate, an application is required by the court of justice after a doctor has estimated the year of the birth of the child. Once the court of justice has accepted the application, the Mayor will register the child in the birth register.

A birth certificate costs an equivalent of 20 EUR - this includes the cost of a local lawyer to go the 5 separate government agencies whoses approval is required. This sum is often a fortune for many Cameroonian families.


School building and infrastructure

Most of the existing school facilities are made out of straw and need extensive renovation every year. There is no school if it rains as the roofs offer insufficient protection.  

Wokka builds long lasting classrooms with cement and corrugated sheet for the roof.

We employs local population and experts for the building works – thereby multiplying the benefits to the local population. 

Wokka provide continued financial help and technical advice.


School furniture and material

We gather school materials and furniture e.g. School table, chair, board, flipchart, school bags, pen, eraser etc.. for pupils. Most of the classrooms are without furniture and the pupils have to follow courses by sitting on the ground. Many school children do not have a school bag. A simple used schoolbag but in good shape can make a child very happy.

Wokka has the experience of sending large shipping containers with school furniture and materials to Far North Cameroon. But the transport of goods to the remote areas is complicated and expensive.

If there is an opportunity for shipping large amounts of furniture or other required goods it might justify the effort again.

We do not ship materials and goods that can be produced locally.


Job opportunities

Wokka provides job opportunities providing materials that can improve the standard of living situation.

One sewing machine can mean that one person will no longer be jobless and will be able to care for the future of own family.

One set of hair clippers can provide a job, a living and support a family.

Paying driving licenses' fees means giving opportunity to someone to be a bus or moto-taxi driver.


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